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PostWannabe on Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:53 pm

First topic message reminder :

1. PB2 Profile Link:

2. Kills Count: 8180

3. Kill/Death Ratio: 2.1

4. Level Developer Rank: None

5. Predicted Player Points Amount: 1.92 ppp, 1.31 pp

6. Total Time Playing Plazma Burst 2: years (started to playing this game when multiplayer has appeard)

7. All Alternate Accounts (with profile links): none

8. Are you in a clan? no longer

9. List all past clans and reasons for leaving them: MLG, DF, Knights, DOB, GSA (wow that was long time ago), ARES, USF

10. Why are you applying for YRN? Decided to join new clan where I can find some nice peoples. Thing that encouraged me mostly is ur not warring other clans. Why so? Becouse wars start only dramas nothing more. What else should I say.. I'm tired of clans I used to be becouse of peoples... So I hope we can find same language if I will get accepted 

11. How can you benefit YRN? Tbh I can do a lot of things that peoples ask me for.. I can be shield for those I like. I can be helpful for those in needed. Tbh I learn fast so even if I can't do some thing now I can easly learn it. I was making some graphics in past like 2-3 years ago and making videos (cuz I had to at school). Anyway I'm pretty sure even if we might don't know now what can I do. We will even faster than you think. That's a promise.

12. What YRN Members do you know? Pivot and Juan maybe Spider a little bit 

13.What past experience from your previous clans did you have and were they good or bad? Some good and bad moments. Some of those clans left with only bad one and some with good enough  memories that I would like to return to past becouse of them. What else I can say clan is a clan (kinda home or family) sometimes you suit here, sometimes you don't like in life. 

13.(II) Explain what experience do you desire to find in YrN? Friendship? Trust? Maybe some skills. I care mostly about if I will suit here so I would like to get your trust first, skill might wait Smile 

13.(III) What goals do you want to achieve in YrN? Find some friends? There's not too many things I would are about. Maybe to get in top 10 or find someone I will play with in other games not only pb2

14. In your opinion what makes YrN different/better from other clans? as I said not warring others. It's exactly what I need. I'm pretty sure you don't have dramas but if you do then not that often so this already makes me want to join you.

15. Most frequently played server and average ping: So I was playing mostly in cali becouse of mlg last time but I had to switch servers to eu or wash to play rankeds. My ping in eu is 80-110 and in wash 150-180 (I want to be correct, reason of that ping difference)

16. How active will you be on Discord, YRN forums, and PB2? So I was every day before I decided to join yrn so I will now. Nothing has changed. I'm active becouse I care.

16.(II) Discord account username,if you have made an account on there : 

17. What are your skills within PB2? swords, warfares, snipers (not that much to beat some of your meembers in snipes but I can easly handle with others Razz), glitching, selfboost, maybe rails? I can suit to every situation but that doesn't mean I like them all.

18. Describe what kind of person you are: Tbh I can easly say some of you might hate me at start or even hate forever. I person who's not afraid of saying what is needed to say. You might think sometimes I'm raging becouse I want you to think like that. I don't like liers/traitors/hypocrites or stupidity. Yhis might be a reason why I'm savage sometimes. I have some bad habits you might don't like but I can easly say that I'm loyal, fair (always between the conflict till I don't evaluate the situation), trustworthy, and friendly to peoples who deserves it.

19. Which do you value the most or both (Skill) , (Attitude) , (Skill and Attitude)? Attitude. I don't have to think too long about this becouse skill is something you might earn in future (even this close one) but attitude is something hard to change. 

20. Country of Residence: Poland

21. Field of Application:  Guess trial member cuz that's my first app in yrn lol.

22. Do you understand the recruitment process? kinda but if I will have any problems then I'm not afraid of asking

23. Total number of Requirements met: 5 (all of them)

24.By the power vested in you , do you agree to take this oath seriously by being loyal to YrN , contributing as much as possible instead of just wearing the tag or doing nothing to improve or take the clan to another level and serving YrN well at the same time inspiring others to apply as well as obeying your fellow prestige members , Council and the leader. You also agree to respect all your clanmates regardless of what position/who they are, you also must not leave YrN for any other clan this is a big offense in YrN it can almost get you banned from the clan , Do you think be honest with us 100% and follow all rules no matter where , if you break the oath we  have all rights to kick you  from YrN , Do you agree to take on this and accept the terms of the of the oath? Yes I do.

25. Extra comments: I know I know... I was in DOB but still peoples make mistakes right?

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PostWannabe on Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:07 am

@Black Anarchy wrote:So you admit that you did farm?

I would like to apologize cuz I just answered on this question thinking that's DrFeelGood. So.. Farming hmm kinda word taken from moba games cuz farming does not exist in flash "fps" game and hope you do realise that. That's all I want to say if you have different question then sure ask them there's nothing I have done wrong, I'm clear.
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PostAorra on Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:25 am

Actually, you're one of the most skilled players in Europe Ukraine server that I know, mostly when Zakrzew was the only legend I didn't even know you, players started getting good and you were one of them, you got easy kills on me and Fdfhy which is amazing, 

Farming is not our responsibility at all Dr. Feel good, meaning that we have no problem with him or him farming at all. It's Staffs problem and Wannabe's problem, and by going offtopic you kinda exposed yourself and not wannabe. Honestly, I know you and you made such a great app, and I if not anyone else will give you a possitive vote.

Good luck.
Dr. FeelGood
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PostDr. FeelGood on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:02 am

Red X
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PostRed X on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:03 pm

Application Accepted

Polls passed and test welcome to YrN!
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